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Buying a Car

A car purchase is a high-stakes deal for just about anyone. This week, we'll cover strategies for finding the best car and successfully negotiating the best overall price.

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Credit Report with Score

Managing Credit

19 minutes

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Credit reports and scores, credit vs. debit cards, reading your credit report, plus more.

  • Credit vs. Debit Cards
    Credit and debit cards each have pros and cons. When should you use each?
  • Credit Reports and Scores
    Credit reports and scores determine the rates you pay when borrowing and can affect your ability to get certain jobs.
  • Risks and Benefits of Credit Cards
    Credit cards offer benefits for many consumers, but it's important to understand the risks of unsecured credit.
  • Building Credit
    Understanding the decisions and behaviors that can lead to improved credit scores.
  • Understanding the Credit Card Act of 2009
    How the new regulations work to protect card holders.
  • Reading Your Credit Report
    A detailed description of what to expect and look for when viewing a credit report.
Person handing car key to another person.

Buying a Car

26 minutes

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From choosing a make and model to financing a purchase, topics every consumer should understand when buying a car.

  • Buying a Car Introduction
    An introduction to the basics of this major purchase and responsibility.
  • Choosing a Make and Model
    A look at four important factors to consider when choosing a car: fuel consumption, insurance rates, reliability, and depreciation.
  • The Total Cost of Ownership
    Understanding the many costs associated with owning a car - from financing to taxes.
  • Buy or Lease?
    Understanding the pros and cons of vehicle leasing.
  • Financing a Car Purchase
    How a loan affects the total cost of buying a car.
  • Evaluating a Used Car
    How to "do your homework" before buying a used car.
  • Setting a Target Price
    How to set a realistic target price for both new and used vehicles.
  • Negotiating Price
    Know what to expect when negotiating the best deal.
  • Avoiding Surprises
    Think the negotiating is finished when you agree on a price? Here's how to negotiate dealer extras and extended warranty pitches.
  • Common Mistakes When Buying a Car
    Twelve common mistakes to keep in mind when shopping for a car.

Starting a Business

48 minutes

Get Started

Explore the process of starting a new business from estimating start up costs to hiring employees.

  • Is Entrepreneurship For Me?
    Entrepreneurship is the act of starting and running a business, which brings both potential benefits and risks.
  • Conducting Market Research for a New Business
    Market conditions play a crucial role in the success of a new business and involve factors such as consumer demand, competition, and economic growth.
  • Business Start-Up Costs
    Starting a successful new business requires careful planning and budgeting of both one-time and ongoing costs.
  • Writing a Business Plan
    Creating a business plan is a crucial step for starting a new business, whether it is a small home-based operation or a venture-backed tech company.
  • Choosing a Business Name
    Choosing a business name is a critical step in starting a new company since it affects the company's brand identity, customer recognition, plus more.
  • Choosing the Legal Structure for Your Business
    The legal structure of a new business is an important decision with both tax and legal implications, so it's important to choose wisely.
  • Registering a New Business
    Starting a new business involves registering with state, federal and sometimes even local governments.
  • How to Finance a New Business
    Finding capital for a new business can be challenging, but there are a number of options to consider.
  • Business Cash Flow, Profit and Loss
    Understanding a business's financial cash flow and overall profit or loss is critical for ensuring its long-term success and financial stability.
  • Establishing Business Credit
    Business credit is a record of a company's financial history used to evaluate its creditworthiness.
  • Your Responsibilities as an Employer
    As an employer, there are several responsibilities you must be familiar with in order to avoid potential legal issues.
  • Business Taxes
    Understanding and managing taxes are key to every business owner or self-employed individual.
  • Buying an Existing Business or Franchise
    Buying an existing business or a franchise are two options for entrepreneurs looking to start a business quickly. Let’s explore the potential pros and cons of each option.
Person putting last piece of a jigsaw puzzle down.

Financial Planning

20 minutes

Get Started

What you need to know to start making a long-term financial plan, from getting married to planning for retirement.

  • Medical Care Planning
    How to make sure your wishes are followed in a medical crisis.
  • Financial Planning
    Learning the "how" and "why" of short-term and long-term financial planning.
  • Estate Planning
    Wills, trusts, and other end of life issues.
  • Creating a Will
    A will is the cornerstone of the legal framework of an estate plan, and everyone should have one.
  • Powers of Attorney
    Everyone faces the possibility of temporary or permanent incapacitation. Make sure your wishes are followed.
  • Talking About Money
    A look at some of the financial considerations of getting married.
  • Planning for the Unexpected
    Planning for unexpected events, including accidents, death, and even the possibility of divorce, are all part of a responsible marriage.

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